Kathy G-Jensen, PGA Licenses & Endorses Chute Trainer Golf

WORLD-RENOWNED GOLF INSTRUCTOR AND 2014 PGA NATIONAL TEACHER OF THE YEAR KATHY GILDERSLEEVE-JENSEN SIGNS MULTI-YEAR DEAL ENDORSING CHUTE TRAINER Spokane, WA – April , 2015 – Reigning PGA National Teacher of the Year Kathy Gildersleeve-Jensen announces that she’s entered into a multi-year endorsement deal with golf swing training brand Chute Trainer. www.chutetrainer.com. The relationship also […]

Kathy G-Jensen, PGA Announces New Brand-Golf Results Now

2014 PGA NATIONAL TEACHER OF THE YEAR KATHY GILDERSLEEVE-JENSEN LOOKS TO GROW GAME AND ANNOUNCES NEW BRAND “GOLF RESULTS NOW” Spokane, WA – April 6, 2015 – Reigning PGA National Teacher of the Year Kathy Gildersleeve-Jensen has one goal. Growing the game of golf to the masses. And to help propel that effort, Kathy announces […]

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GOLF: Social Media & Ted Bishop’s PGA Fallout

Recently, I became the recipient of the 2014 PGA Teacher of the Year – Nationally (1 out of 27,000 PGA members) and made history for several ‘Firsts’ involved in golf: first woman, first person from the PNWPGA Section, first from Spokane, WA and more. In my opinion, these ‘firsts’ should have happened years ago for […]

AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am - Final Round

Watch Out for Fliers

Knowing when a flier is possible can be the difference between a birdie and a bogey or even worse! The first indicator of whether the shot maybe a flier is the length of the grass your ball is in. If your ball is in taller than normal grass like rough there is a good chance it […]


Chip Shots vs. Pitch Shots

Chip Shot A chip shot is meant to be a low trajectory shot with minimal spin. The goal is to get the ball on the green as soon as possible and have the ball roll to the hole like a putt. To hit a chip shot you want to use as little wrists and possible […]

AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am - Round Three

Playing in the Wind

Against The Wind Playing into the wind will typically decrease distance and increase spin. This creates a shot that will go shorter and stop sooner than a usual shot. Playing into the wind will also in magnify certain shots. For example, a cut may turn into a slice or a draw may turn into a hook. […]


Defining the Teeing Ground

According to the USGA the definition of the teeing ground is: “The starting place for the hole to be played. It is a rectangular area two club-lengths in depth, the front and the sides of which are defined by the outside limits of two tee-markers. A ball is outside the teeing ground when all of […]


Did You Address the Ball?

The USGA says “A player has “addressed the ball” when he has grounded his club immediately in front of or immediately behind the ball, whether or not he has taken his stance.” This means you can take a stroke and strike the ball without ever actually addressing the ball. There are already a few times […]