Kathy’s Teaching Philosophy

Kathy personalizes her golf instruction based upon an individual’s balanced swing tendencies which she observes through video analysis. She believes students are more rewarded when using properly fitted equipment which helps to transform each swing into solid ball contact and lower scores.

Mind Set, Physical Athletic Balance and Properly Fitted Equipment are the three main components that are a necessity to achieve better GOLF RESULTS NOW.  Kathy’s communication, motivation and experience help find an interpretation that an individual can understand and execute.  Her tool box has many items which aid in creating the perfect strategy to help her students learn quickly.  Kathy utilizes Video Analysis, Club Fitting, Swing Motion, Physical Abilities, Teaching Aids, even the “Rules of Golf”.  She believes teaching should not only include hitting balls on the driving range, but learning to play the game creatively. Her instruction also covers often overlooked aspects such as coping with the intangible elements of weather, atmosphere and terrain situations.

Kathy’s passion is teaching golf to the masses which includes instruction in the basics, coverage of extreme details, relaxation strategies, and familiarity with new technology.  Golf is simply a game that we all love to play.  With her devotion to her student’s success, it is easy to understand why Kathy is the 2014 PGA National Teacher of the Year.